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10 Ways to Stop Fear From Controlling Your Life

Check out these 10 simple ways to stop fear from taking control. Join me in this experiment, and let’s crush fear together.
Since April 1, I have left my full-time job in corporate America, booked several speaking gigs and I’m now consulting for some incredible start-ups. I am 8 chapters into my book, and this week I go to a four day conference with one of my top mentors.  As Denzel Washington says in Training Day, “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me!”

  1. Sign up:

    put your name in the hat, step into the ring, sign on the line that is dotted.  My wife recently signed me up to coach my son’s flag football team. At first I was afraid, but after our first practice, my fear went away and I realized how much I love it.

  2. Prepare:

    Jeffrey Gitimer, one of my favorite sales gurus, says confidence comes from preparation and previous wins. With my good friend Google out there, everything is figureoutable,  as Marie Forleo says. So, take time to prepare and your fear will be replaced with confidence.

  3. Accept Imperfection: 

    Too often, we stall when we expect perfection. It took me almost a year to launch bunny2BEAR, because I had to get everything perfect before I launched. Now, I accept imperfection and I’m getting better results, faster.  Choose to accept imperfection yourself and move past your fear to get started!

  4. Establish Worst Case:

    What’s the worst that will happen if you fall flat on your face? Will you lose a client, end a relationship, miss an opportunity? Many times, our fear is an exaggeration and not the reality. Often the worst case scenario is nothing compared to the upside potential if we face our fear and do it anyway!

  5. Trust Yourself:  

    Expect the unexpected, and know that you’re capable of improvising in the face of uncertainty. Trust that you’ll make the most of any situation and come out on top.  When you believe, others usually stand behind you and follow your lead.

  6. Phone a Friend: 

    Someone in your network has likely gone through the experience you’re afraid of. Connect with them and get a full view of what to expect.  Get tips and best practices on how to succeed in your scariest scenario. Usually, a quick conversation with someone who’s gone before you can calm your nerves and shift your mindset.

  7. Collaborate:

    Bring others on to experience it with you. Sometimes a community effort is what it takes to overcome fear and produce positive results.

  8. Do More: 

    One of the most impactful ways of overcoming fear, is to put yourself into more situations where you are forced to overcome fear. Challenge yourself with bigger obstacles – high risk – high reward!

  9. Learn from Failure:

    We don’t always succeed right away.  We know that when we fall, it’s important to learn from our mistakes. Take time to reflect, and make a commitment to never make the same mistake again.   The more lessons you learn, the bigger the fear you can overcome.

  10. Mentor Others: 

    When we teach, encourage, or coach others through a situation or scenario, we ourselves gain a deeper understanding of how to do it. In training, the most effective way people learn, is by teaching. Why not mentor someone on how to break through fear as a way of learning how to do it yourself. Who can you start with today?

These 10 simple tips will help keep fear from controlling your life. Combine a few together to see faster results. Remember what works for me, may not work for everyone, so keep experimenting and find the ways that work best for you. Either way, take action and don’t let fear control your life!

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