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5 Questions to Find your Calling


As the sun rose in the land of bunnies and bears, bunny leaped out the door headed for bear’s house.  He had a burning question he had to get answered right away.

Knock, knock, knock – bunny slammed on bear’s door.  Bear immediately woke up, ran to the door thinking this must be an emergency.  “Oh, it’s you…”

“Yeah, it’s me!  Come on, I have a question that won’t leave me alone and I need your help answering it.”

With that he grabbed his friend and raced for the edge of the world, where the sun was just coming up.  They both stood there taking in another incredible sun rise – feeling the heat of the sun warm up their faces.

“I think this is my calling…” bunny whispered as the full sun hit his entire body.

“What?” Bear responded stuck in the moment of the sun.

“How do I know when I’ve found my calling…what I’m meant to do and who I’m meant to be?”

“Wow that’s a deep question, bunny.  What made you start thinking about this?”

“After being in the box for so long, I’ve never felt so alive and on fire for life.  I can go back to the box and continue to chase carrots, or I can choose to be out here discovering new opportunities and helping other bunnies find the world you’ve shown to me.  There are so many possibilities and I don’t know how to know if this is what I’m meant to do.”  Bunny looked to bear eagerly awaiting his wisdom.  Bear turned away from the sun signaling for bunny to follow him back to his house.

As they headed back toward bear’s house, he responded genuinely, “that’s awesome you’re thinking like this.  We are who we choose to be.  Every day we make a choice and those choices make us who we are today.  You chose to stay in your comfort zone in that box for so long, maybe not even realizing there was an entire world out here to explore.  You had the courage to seek change and helping others do the same is admirable.”

“Thanks!”  As they walked into bear’s house heading to his room, bunny persisted, “so…how do I know if it’s my calling – if it’s the right thing for me to do?”

“Good question…Papa Bear walked me through an exercise when I was very young and I think it’s the perfect time for you to go through it.  I want you to answer 5 very important questions.”

“That’s easy, what are the 5 questions?”

“They may seem easy, but I really want you to think about your answers.  Take time to reflect and think about how far you’ve come and what it took to get here.  I don’t want these answers to be quick, instinctual answers, you really need to think through them, ok?”

“Wow, the way you’re talking makes me want to take this seriously and do it the right way.”

“That’s what I hope.  Otherwise, you’ll find yourself back in the box before you know it.  When you feel a pull in the direction of your calling, it’s important to gain momentum and chase that immediately – otherwise it fades quickly and you’re back after those carrots again.  Are you ready for the questions?”

“Yes, give them to me,” bunny said almost out of breath with excitement.


Bear handed bunny a laminated card with the 5 questions on them.  It was beat up as if it had been used every day for 30 years.  Bear thought for a minute about the first time he heard these questions.  A small grin came over his face as he began.  “Papa gave this to me when he first asked me the questions and I always go back to them to make sure I’m on the right path.”


“Answer these questions,” he continued

  1. ‘When am I at my best?’

    • For me, I had a natural ability to hunt for and find new opportunities that others couldn’t see.  When I was 14, I ran into a bee hive.  At first I was scared and didn’t want to get hurt, but then I saw the opportunity.  I went back to that bee hive every day for a year collecting honey and ended up selling jars of honey to other bears.  Eventually, I started my own honey business and made a lot of money.  Instead of chasing carrots, I’m best at being out in the world hunting for my own food and opportunities.
  2. ‘What do I LOVE to do?’

    • For me, I loved learning everything I’m teaching you about discovering the world for the first time.  Tasting and experiencing life in a new way, like never before gives me an endorphin rush which produces happiness.  I also love sharing those new findings with others and watching them light up as well.
  3. ‘When do I experience FLOW?’

    • FLOW is a psychological concept created by the amazing bear, Mihaly Csikszentmilalyi.  It is a state of concentration or complete absorption with the activity at hand and the situation. It is a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter.  For me, I’m in a state of FLOW as I’m building and innovating something never thought of before.  I’m working on a new bouncing device for bears who climb trees.  When they fall unexpectedly, they’d be able to quickly release this device that would launch them back into the tree with a simple push of a button.  Bringing these ideas to life puts me in a place of FLOW every time.  I run out into the wilderness and find new ways to enhance and expand on my new discoveries – that’s my FLOW in action.
  4. ‘What excites me and makes me want to stay up all night or get up early?’

    • For me, strategically putting the pieces of a complex puzzle together and building something from the ground up excites me.  When I think of helping you experience new discoveries for the first time, I can’t sleep.  I was excited to get out of bed today knowing you’d come to me with another question that I could help answer for you.
  5. ‘What do people know me for?’

    • From an early age, I was the bear asking all the questions and looking to make things better.  I was innovating and showing others an easier way of doing things.  I am known as an entrepreneur bear that loves sharing new experiences with others.  They all know I want to make the world a better place and I don’t ask permission to make that happen.  I just find a way to do it and get it done.


After thinking through these questions for a long time and discussing it more with Papa Bear, I came to the conclusion that my calling is as a problem solver.  I go out into the world every day looking for ways to make things easier for others.  I build and implement solutions to common problems.  My other calling is showing bunnies their world is a lot bigger than they see it.  I challenge them to break out of their comfort zone and show them how to discover more about themselves.  As they become more, they find out who they are meant to be and are empowered to do more.

In the end, much like the famous bear, Jim Collins says, we have to do what we’re best at, what we’re passionate about, and something we didn’t talk about – we have to be able to make money from our calling as well.  For me, creating businesses and selling my solutions pays for my passion of helping people.


The principle is: We are all meant for something great.

We all have a calling and we can’t continue to do what’s comfortable if it doesn’t match the answers to these 5 questions.  If you’re in a box that only brings stress and frustration, it’s time to start exploring what’s outside.  You don’t have to quit a job or leave a relationship right away, but start moving in that direction.  Make small decisions, like talking to others who are living outside the box in the world you are interested in.  Ask questions and start exploring what that world looks like before you jump in.  Don’t just stay on the treadmill in your darkness because you think you MUST.  You may feel stuck, but you’re not.  You CAN make a change to find the life you are meant for.  Life is too short to be living in a box you’re not called for.  It’s scary to think of what’s on the other side of uncertainty, until you get out there!  Uncertainty is the beginning of possibility – and with possibility comes passion, FLOW and happiness.

Much like you have taken that step, bunny, encourage others to do the same.  As you help more bunnies and discover more for yourself, you can continue to come back to these questions and find out if this is your true calling.  You’re headed in the right direction.  Keep going!!”

“I’m going to go answer these questions for myself and report back to you.  This is so helpful and I promise I’ll take my time answering them, so I don’t just give surface level answers that don’t mean anything.  Thanks for this!”  With that, he bolted out the door, committed to finding his calling.

Bear leaned back in his chair with a simple grin.  This was another confirmation that he was living out his own calling.


BEAR Necessity:

You are meant for something great in this world.  Answer the 5 questions to discover what you should be doing with your life.  Ask questions and start making small decisions to find your calling.


What is your calling?

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