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Are you Hungry? 4 simple action steps to attack life like a BEAR!

As an up and coming BEAR and Top Performer, you have to start looking for the many lessons that are right in front of your face. For instance, have you ever seen a BEAR eat? Rabbit-eating-carrot
How about a bunny? The bunny takes little nibbles and the BEAR digs into his food with conviction, right? I see a lesson there:

  • ASK YOURSELF: “Am I the type of person who goes after life like a bunny, simply nibbling and never taking a full, powerful bite? Or am I bold and hungry enough to charge after life like a BEAR, never letting anything get in the way of my ultimate desires and success?”

o   Success looks different for everyone, but are you controlling your sales calls or constantly letting prospects off the hook?

o   Are you showing your family and friends how much you care and carving out the necessary time, or are you too busy and letting relationships slip?

o   Are you traveling and exploring like you’ve always dreamed of or are you stuck in a cage chasing carrots?

o   Are you getting out of your comfort zone and becoming a stronger, more confident BEAR or do you run at every opportunity to break out and try something new?

08_23_2013_bear-eat-bearThese are tough questions, but one thing I know about BEARS is they aren’t afraid to ask the tough questions and then wait for the answer. Change and transformation is uncomfortable at first, but that’s just a sign of growth and that you are onto something. So, if anything, run towards the tough questions – they always lead to breakthrough!!

Let’s dive deeper into the sales question:

In sales, the same is true with courage and conviction for Sales Pros. How are you approaching your day each morning? How are your sales calls? Are you a bunny, who nibbles or BEAR who digs in? Are you beaten or Huuuunnnnngry? (intense BEAR voice)

Take Control back: bottom line is, in order to be a Top Performer, you have to go all in and not just nibble. As I listen to sales calls, I constantly hear prospects taking control and somewhat abusing the rep on the other end. The prospect will say “I told you I’m not interested!”  The rep will timidly and in a voice that almost sounds scared, say “I know, I’m sorry, I’m just trying to help. Would you like me to call back in 6 months?” This kills me, because one of the pillars of success in any sales call is Control. Without Control, your prospect will not trust that you can lead them to the right solution, and thus will not buy. A BEAR understands this and will come back strong when someone elevates to this level, saying, “I get it, I’ve heard that from my other clients, yet when they heard about X, they decided this conversation was worth their time. Have you heard about X and what it’s doing for our customers?” (every industry and environment is unique, but you get the point) There is a clear shift of Control back to the Sales Pro. This is digging in instead of nibbling.

No more excuses: when you listen to your calls, or if you aren’t in sales, when you’re on the spot, choose to be Hungry and approach each opportunity like a BEAR going after it’s food. It’s not timid, it’s not tip-toeing – it’s all in and confident. NOTE: you don’t have to be aggressive, but you do have to find your assertive nature and bring it out, otherwise you will be eaten alive and everyone else around you will take the opportunities that were meant for you and you alone. So go out and get some!!  No more excuses.

Action for you: Sales targeted, but you can easily modify it for your environment/situation

1. Recharge your thoughts: Once you are on the VIB List I will send you the Starter Guide and the Video Training Series – in video 2 you will find the 12 Essential Traits of a Top Performer aka the Bear Necessities. Review those daily for a month and get more Hunger under your belt. In the meantime, download the 20 Start Your Transformation Voice Memos at and start filling up with empowering thoughts so there is no doubt that you can take on whatever is in front of you!

2. Find your natural BEAR Mindset: Sales is 80% mental, 20% skill (sometimes 90/10). If you are beaten at any point throughout the day, don’t pick the phone. Identify 3 natural ways you can get your head back in the game (e.g. calling someone who cares about you, watching a motivational video, listening to your favorite song, calling a happy client, talking to a mentor, etc.) You need to have a few reserve items to help naturally put you back into a BEAR mindset. Do this immediately!

3. Get Help and Practice: Get with your Sales Lead (Sup, Manager, Coach, Captain…etc.) and identify how you can have more Control on your calls. Role-play the weakest part of your calls to build more confidence and be ready the next time someone tries to take away your Hunger! Don’t think it’s just going to magically happen because you’re pumped up. Remember, you have to balance will and skill – you want both to be at a peak level in order to dominate as a Top Performer. So get Hungry and get help – no shame in that game!

4. Wake up and be the BEAR: Finally, remember, you’re a BEAR now, so start acting like it!

Leave a comment below letting us know 1) what makes you Hungry throughout your day and 2) what are you going to work on with your team lead, manager, coach, etc. to ensure you are the one in Control?

Let’s support each other and build up BEAR Nation into an unstoppable community of Top Performers. Spread the word! ROAR!!

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