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The bunny2BEAR Show Episode 4: Break the Pattern

This week, I jump right into the training to help you save time and get back to selling!  I will share more BEAR Nation Shout outs in next week’s video.

In sales, it’s critical to differentiate yourself and capture the attention of your prospect right away.  In this episode, I get in the trenches with you one-on-one and give you simple principles and tools to effectively “break the pattern” and get into more conversations throughout your day.

More conversations = more opportunities to close more deals and make more money, so this is a must watch and share!

BEAR Quotes:

“‘What the differentiator between us and our competition?’ ‘YOU!'”

“The most successful sales pros get it; a main difference between a successful and unsuccessful sales pro is the ability to break the pattern and engage a prospect from the beginning of a sales call.”

“You want your prospect intrigued enough to have to hear more from you.”

“Your benefit statement is how their life or business will change as a result of speaking with you.  Make it compelling!”

Leave a comment letting us know what you do to break the pattern!  Best comment will be featured in next week’s episode.

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