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The bunny2BEAR Show Episode #3: Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

Join the conversation at the bottom about practice…yep, we’re talking about practice!!


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I love this content on practice.  Want to increase your performance in sales, athletics, academics, business or any other measurable area of your life?  In this video I give you 4 Guiding Principles and 4 Best Practices on how effectively practice outside the game to improve your performance in the game.  These simple nuggets will help you make more money and become very successful.

4 Practice Guiding Principles:

1. To improve your game = practice your game (at game-time speed)

2. Perfect practice make perfect

3. Practice to Mastery

4. Don’t compare yourself with the experts YET.


4 Best Practices for effective practicing:

1. Identify gaps

2. What does “good” look like?

3. Practice Slow (form over speed)

4. Rapid repetition (create desired habitual behavior)


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