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bunny2BEAR: Day In Day Out

BEAR Cry: Your ideal life is not just going to happen, you have to make it happen with consistent hard work Day In, Day Out!

We all have the makings of a Top Performer in whatever direction we choose – entrepreneur, student, lawyer, parent, mechanic, philanthropist, etc.  Many of us overlook this fact, second-guess our abilities and end up settling at the line.  This can come from the broken records we have been playing in our minds since we were kids or maybe someone had the nerve to tell us we wouldn’t amount to much and we believed them.  Whatever the cause, we have to stop the bleeding and get the hell off the line.  I have seen too many people beat down by circumstance and poor self-talk and it’s time to come together to strive for more.  More happiness, more success, more freedom, more impact, more influence, more money, more friendship, more connection, more trust, more outreach…this is the season of more.  It’s our season and you deserve to live way above the line.

bear growling

The only trade off is work.  It’s going to take the type of work that isn’t once in a while, or sometimes.  It’s the type of works you are proud of at the end of a long, intense day.  Not one day, but a string of days called Day In Day Out.  These are the days where you rise with purpose and know exactly what your goal is by sunset.  These are the days you drink to and celebrate at the end of the week, month, quarter and year.  These are the days that lead to more and without them we are stuck at the line always looking up wondering how we got there.

This is your wake up call!  People are waiting for you to step into your greatness – they need you!  It’s your season to put your head down and charge ahead – it’s your season to unleash your inner BEAR (love it or hate it – corny or badass, it’s true)!  You have to put in the work Day In Day Out, Day In Day Out, Day In Day Out!

Leave a comment below and share with BEAR Nation what you do Day In Day Out that makes you ROAR!  What empowers and drives you to become more every day?  I will be responding personally to your comments.


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