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Give, Live and Love More – Motivational Monday

Motivational Mondays are back and this time I am sharing a few personal breakthroughs I’ve had over the past two weeks that have helped me increase my happiness, lower my stress level and heighten my relationships.

One thing to know about me: I love to study peak performance, usually in sales, and then share stories of success and best practice in hopes that others can experience similar results.  After reading Gretchen Rubin’s “The Happiness Project” I realized this practice could benefit people outside of work, in our personal lifes and relationships with others.  Since our mission with bunny2BEAR is to #liftothers, I’m excited to share a few best practices I’ve stumbled upon recently.

This video and post sprung from a quick hug – yes hug – my wife gave me last night.  She said “I love my new husband and who you’ve become lately.”  This shocked my system and I knew I had to mark this moment in history – because whenever you hear those words, you want proof that is actually happened and you want to forever stamp it in the memory books!  I also wanted to spread a few best practices I’ve picked up lately that have helped me change my behavior and become more grateful and present recently!  Simply put, this Motivational Monday chronicles how I’ve learned to Give, Live and Love More.


giveGive more: I’ve coached, call listened, been readily available and shared my time with others more. I have given my family more attention and changed my perspective about my role at home and it’s led to incredible results.  Instead of always being on my phone, I’ve chosen to be present with the people right in front of me.



959492_livelife_jpg45385d375c13aabb0dd353eff6185823Live more: I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone to experience new things. I’ve also brought more excitement to my home life with more activities, projects, trips to the pool and park, vacations and just appreciating the live in front of me while striving for me.  I’ll be going skydiving soon with some relatives and that scares me because of my incredible fear of heights, but excites me to live more than usual.  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”



Love more: With my wife and kids, I have been more emotionally and physically available. I have spent more quality time really living the life right in front of me.  I’ve come home on time, made care packages and done less “hiding.”  Just anticipating their needs and being there without them asking has been huge!  The cliche is true – the little things make a big difference.  I don’t know about you, but I love cereal nights with the fam!


Tweetable: While we’re striving, make sure we’re thriving where we are!


Following Rubin’s lead, I am finding new ways to love the life I’m living now! As we transform from bunny2BEAR, it’s important to be grateful for the little things and fully embrace the present moments.

I’ve learning to Give, Live and Love More! I’m realizing that when we lift ourselves, others are lifted as well. Because that’s our mission here (#liftothers), I’m immersing myself in this new direction!

Let’s start a conversation: how are you giving, living and love more?  Let’s keep it simple this week.

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