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How the most successful people succeed: Be DIRECT

You must be DIRECT

Welcome to the new series: The 12 BEAR Traits – How the Most Successful People Succeed.  Our purpose of this series over the next 12 weeks is to help you tap into and unleash the BEAR inside you.  It’s not about becoming someone else.  It’s about you becoming your BEST self so you can live your BEST life, day in, day out!!

BEAR Trait #1: Be DIRECT

To be successful in anything, you must tap into your more direct self.  Be direct in your tone, language, opinions, ideas and decisions.

Listen to your Language

Listen to those around you.  You will hear a stark difference between the bunnies and BEARS.  The bunnies are indirect and waiver in their confidence.  They use language like “I think” “you might” “it may be a good idea” “maybe” “I’m not really sure.”  Whereas the BEAR is confident, concise and to the point.  They use language like “you should” “I highly recommend” “based on what you said, you have to” “I know this is right because…”

You At Your BEST

Where are you at your BEST?  Is it as a parent or boss giving clear expectations and following up with specific consequences?  Is it as an athlete where you practice specific, direct techniques to ensure peak performance?  Is it in sales where you quickly build strong, clear value then close with conviction, being direct and to the point?  You are a BEAR somewhere in your life, it’s up to you to tap into it and unleash it everywhere!

Speak in Short Bursts

In this week’s video I give you a short formula for building value in anything – sales people use this to persuade potential customers to buy their product or service.  Instead of sharing every detail, build value in short bursts using this awesome technique:


WHAT it is (Feature)

Oh HOW it works (briefly describe how it works)

WHY (why it’s so important to that person)

Engage them (create a conversation, not a monologue)

This simply formula works like a charm – use it!!

Be the Expert

In the video,  I also give you the 6 Key Areas of Knowledge you must be an expert in to have the confidence to be direct.  This is part of my brand new Inside Out Selling model that will be released soon (get on the waitlist here).

6 Key Areas of Knowledge:



Target Audience





Bottom Line: go from indirect2DIRECT to get more of what you want.  If you are giving tons of energy, but lacking the results, check your indirect nature and tap into your DIRECT self and unleash it everywhere.  You will see a massive ROI, guaranteed!

For more on this, sign up for the Inside-Out Selling waitlist here.  It’s a new approach to sales for more sustainable results!

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Leave us a comment – where are you your most indirect and DIRECT?  What’s the outcome?


  • Michael Hamm

    Dwight, thank you for the Monday morning motivation! It is a part of my routine that I look forward to and really helps kick start my week, keep up the good work!

    • Dwight Braswell

      Glad it’s something you can look forward to! I remember your positive, contagious energy in the office – keep it coming!!

  • J2-the-is-A

    Dwight, as always “it’s the little nuggets” *while hand gesturing with index and thumb finger* which have made the biggest impact in my sales career. When I began removing unsure verbiage from my sales calls, they became more of a conversation than a sales call, which directly impacted my performance. This practice, coupled with active listening #gamechanger

    • Dwight Braswell

      Smart, Jamie. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to invest my money with someone who is unsure and wishy-washy. Listening with a solid recommendation…winning combo! Thx for sharing.

  • Chris Swanson

    Wow! Dwight shoots straight. I’ve met him personally and quickly realized, he’s the real deal. I’m a Bear because of him!

    • Dwight Braswell

      Coming from one of the most influential people I know…thx Chris!

  • Adam Vest

    When’s your book coming out ? I’m ready !

  • Fan Candy

    I’ve learned everything from you and keep going!!! ^_^

  • Trevor Gage

    Dwight, I LOVE the material! You are always empowering and insightful. I’ll never forget how you helped me turn around a team that was last in the office to being first in the office in 1.5 months. Thanks brother!