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How to Choose the Direction for Your Life – Dwight Braswell

In the past few months, since launching bunny2BEAR, I have had the opportunity to work with several incredible coaching clients.  I am helping them decide on the direction for their life and then giving them the tools, resources and encouragement for the journey.

I’m sure most of us have struggled with identifying exactly what we want in life and what to pursue over the next year.  We usually have 5-10 areas of focus on our plate at one time.  From family to friends, to health and fitness, to work and the side business, maybe even going back to school and learning the guitar.  We clutter our calendar and task list with too many directions and end up spreading ourselves thin and never excelling at any one Direction.

When I created the Top Performer System, I set out to change this behavior.  I now help people identify the top 3 Directions in their life they will put all their time, energy, focus and commitment into for the next year.  All else is taken off the plate and deferred to a later date.  The results are immediately evident as you start to dedicate yourself more fully to these areas and “trim the fat” off your plate.  Your mind is clear, your actions are decisive and your destination becomes attainable.

One of most popular exercises during my coaching sessions is the “Directions List,” in which my clients write out 10 possible directions they could pursue over the next 12 months.  Then we prioritize the list and cut out 7 items, leaving us with only 3 main Directions.  Once we go through this exercise I walk them through the Passion and Driving Force test to make sure the 3 Directions align with their Passion and their “Why.”  These simple exercises prove to be immediately impactful as my clients leave with a purpose and action plan on how to spend their time moving forward.

In this video, I walk you through the “Directions List” activity to help you narrow your list to only 3 Directions.  To run your list through the Passion and Driving Force test or to get help with your Direction, please reach out to me at  You can get the Top Performer System on Audio (mp3 files immediately downloadable) for more simple activities to help you live a more purposeful, powerful life.  Contact me and say “I want it” and I’ll give you all the details.

I know you’ll enjoy this motivational video.  Please leave a comment letting BEAR Nation know one of your Directions for the next 12 months.  Examples include: “Health and Fitness” “Leadership Development” “Family” “Friends” “Church” “Girlfriend/Boyfriend” “Side Business” “Work” “School,” etc. In my coaching sessions I help you get more specific and then identify the goals and action steps that go into excelling in your chosen direction.

Looking forward to hearing from you!  Here’s to your success, I’m dedicated to it!!

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