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How to go from MEDIOCRE to the BEST

Last week I chose to leave Corporate America to build BEAR Nation full time.  I now build motivation and sales programs for start ups and coach people like you.  It’s been incredible so far and I look forward to a #brightfuture!

Now that I’m a full time entrepreneur, here’s what you can expect from my videos:

  • More value
  • More direct
  • More candid
  • More energy
  • More sales specific training and motivation
  • More services
  • Less fluff

It starts with today’s video: How to go from MEDIOCRE to the BEST

2 key takeaways:

  • You want to know what to do, the difference is YOU!
  • Stop chasing, Start owning

5 questions to go from MEDIOCRE to the BEST

  1. What are the BEST people in my position doing?
  2. Am I doing that?
  3. What’s motivating me to do the extra work?
  4. How many hours am I studying to be the BEST?
  5. What happens if I don’t succeed?

I need your quick vote.

Simple send me a (1) or (2) response to within an hour of reading this.

  1. “I like the new energy in the videos”
  2. “I don’t like the new energy in the videos – go back to the old approach”


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