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How to Overcome Obstacles

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Last week we looked at how the Little Engine That Could helps us get over the “I don’t feel like it” mindset, so we can stay motivated and get what we want in life.  This week let’s dig deeper into how to define our “why” so we truly can overcome any obstacle, including our own emotions that often cause us to quit.

I call it our “Driving Force” and it’s the physical, mental and emotional current that will push us forward through any challenge, any adversity and any barrier to become who we are meant to be.  This will allow us to make more impact in the world and succeed at levels we never dreamed of.

We’ve all heard the turn around stories of Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln and many others.  Dr. Suess went through 26 publisher rejections before his first book was picked up.  Colonel Sanders went through 1009 “No’s” before finally having someone say yes to his famous chicken recipe.  So many stories of overcoming challenges and why can’t yours be next?

Did you know that Cindy Crawford’s parents were separated when she was a teenager? She and her younger siblings lived with her mom, and her dad would give them a check every month for food and the essentials.  There were a few months he didn’t feel like giving her mom the check, for various reasons.  Seeing this at age 16 became, what I call, her BEAR moment.  She decided in that moment  that she would NEVER rely on someone else for her livelihood.  She kept that front and center as she pushed for success throughout her career.  No matter what happened, she drove forward because of this moment.  What is your BEAR moment?

This is an example of the power of defining your driving force.  Now it’s your turn to answer these questions for yourself so you too push past the adversity to become who you are meant to be and make the impact you are supposed to make on the world.

Please get a pen/paper or digital notebook out and answer these questions by next Monday’s episode.  If you would like to share them with me, I will read a few during next week’s Motivational Monday.  Just send them to

Watch today’s video to get more insight into the questions, including stories, examples and more!

5 Questions to determine your Driving Force – WHY are you going to get what you want in life?

  1. What is going to drive me forward when I face barriers?
  2. Why do I want to go in this direction?
  3. What are my BEAR moments?
  4. What are the consequences if I quit?
  5. What does success look like?

IMG_9255Answer these 5 simple, yet crucial questions before you face your next challenge.  I guarantee you’ll see a drastic difference in your endurance and perseverance toward your goals.

If you know of someone struggling to get through the obstacle course of life, give them an encouraging word and help them answer these questions for themselves.   It’s incredible what our minds are capable of when we have crystalized our “why” and we are acting intentionally!

Here’s to a successful week where you define your Driving Force and then #liftothers to empower them to reach a little higher!

Remember, have the Courage to do it, the Confidence to know you can, and the Conviction to know you’ll be better off no matter what!!

QQ: How do you think these questions will help you achieve more of your goals every day, week, month and year?

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