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Leave it higher than you found it, then ABSP

My dad was a Colonel/Chaplain in the Air Force and he was known for his ability to go to a base and turn around a church that was broken.  When he left it was well-oiled machine with people in place and empowered to make it thrive without him.  He would always say to me “leave it higher than you found it.”  He would tell me a story of a wood pile.  When you get to the pile it’s knocked over because it has no structure or foundation.  It will continue to fall over if there’s no system for building it up.  It’s up to us to build those systems and foundation and work hard to make it better than it was.  He loved to share these parables and stories to help me learn valuable life lessons.




So as you start a new opportunity, or you’re in the middle of your journey, or you’re on your way out, it’s important to leave the pile higher than you found it.  Then, more importantly, ABSP (Always Be Succession Planning), so the pile continues to grow and expand even when you’ve moved on.

In today’s video I share the 5 steps necessary to ensure a smooth transition.  Follow these steps and you’ll leave with applause and a strong recommendation.

This week, I’ve put the answers in the video – take a few minutes to watch it here:

5 Steps to a Smooth Transition:

  1. _____ the separation
    1. (smooth transition vs. a catastrophic break) – you don’t want things to fall apart
  2. __________ openly
  3. Build __________
    1. _____ and _____ model/tools
  4. Assign _________
  5. _______  ________ – stay until the last day

There is nothing more important than your integrity and character.  When you follow these steps you are ensuring your successor and the organization is capable of expanding on what you’ve built.

Implement these principles even if you aren’t leaving any time soon.  ABSP – Always Be Succession Planning so you are prepared for what’s coming around the corner!

Here’s to your success!

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