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Lift it up, Chalk it up, and Live to Fight another day – Motivational Monday

I kick this episode off with more BEAR Nation Shout-outs and then get into how I learned how to defy perfection and overcome failure this weekend.

As much as I love the new enlightenment I’ve experienced with Give, Live, Love More – the reality is, I’m not perfect!  I’ve fallen a few times over the last month.  Now, usually this would hold me back from embracing my new behavior and I would just revert back to my old ways and move on, saying “I didn’t really want that anyway!”

Isn’t that what happens to us!?  We start going after a goal; a new diet, exercise program, reading habit, embracing happiness and feeling grateful for everything, whatever it might be – and we expect perfection!  We expect that we will be on our game 100% of the time and we won’t slip once.  It’s all or nothing and one slip could mean failure forever!  Then, we do fall – miss a day, binge eat that dreadful midnight snack, get mad and forget to be perfectly grateful – and we say “I knew it, never mind, I didn’t really want that anyway – too good to be true” and we…quit.  I’ve done it far too many times and it’s time to shake that habit and change our mindset!

Instead of saying “never mind” and walking away, simply realize you aren’t perfect and chalk it up as a loss!  Tomorrow is another day and another chance to be on your game.

In this video I share my 3 falls I had this holiday weekend that made me finally say “Lift it up, Chalk it up, and Live to Fight another day!”  I’m still going to be happy.  I’m still going to be extremely grateful for everything I have in life.  I’m still going to Give, Live and Love More.  A little fall won’t hold me down.  I encourage you to do the same!  Say it with me; “Lift it up , Chalk it up and Live to Fight another day!”

Leave a comment on how you’ve have to chalk it up as a loss and pulled through your falls.

Thanks for sharing and being part of BEAR Nation!  #liftothers

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