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Motivational Mondays: No Limits – a lesson from my 6 year old niece

That was my niece, Sammie, in her final flag football game of the season.  I think we can learn a lot from her:

A few months ago, Sammie wanted to play Broncos football.

She asked her mom & dad, they checked into it.

She could play; but they were told:

“It’s all boys- she’ll be the only girl”

“And she’ll be the youngest player”

And by the way, she was among the smallest.

Her parents explained all of that to her, but Sammie  didn’t care, she just wanted to play.

Her parents were supportive and encouraging, though they weren’t sure what to expect.

What you saw in the video clip was Sammie busting right past all those boys, bigger, more experienced, older.  She was running towards the end zone  like a superstar wide receiver.  That wasn’t her only spectacular play of the day.  She was a football star for the closing game and an example to all of us.

We can learn a lot from this little girl.  At 6 yrs old she saw no barriers, no boundaries, no limits.

She just wanted to play football, knew she could do it, and gave it her all during practice and on the field.

As we get older we start to create limitations that aren’t really there.  Too small, not the right gender, not enough education, not fast enough, not smart enough….says who?!

The boundaries we set for ourselves are artificial.  The boundaries others set for us are just challenges.

Learn from this 6 year old and have the courage, confidence and conviction to go after what you want in life.  Live without limits.

Thanks Sammie, for teaching us this simple, yet valuable lesson!

By the way, she just bought a baseball mit and bat to get ready for tee-ball season!  Can’t wait to see you in action, Sammie!


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