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Start climbing

As I write these words I am past my launch date by 2 months.  Why be so transparent and share this?  It is to encourage you to simply get started now.  Your idea will never be fully flushed out, your site will never be absolutely complete, your content will never be finished or even up to par.  If you are like me: a perfectionist who likes to have it right before releasing it, it’s time to ask yourself a few questions to help free yourself of your fear, doubt and uncertainty:

  1. Am I capable of executing on my ideas?
  2. What challenges am I anticipating that keep me from moving forward?
  3. Why are others able to do what I know I should be doing?
  4. What am I missing out on by stalling?
  5. Am I willing to give up this opportunity so I can stay in my comfort zone?

Sometimes we have to have a direct conversation with ourselves to understand our own rational.  When we approach this conversation with questions, we get a deeper understanding of our fears and have a better chance in turning ourselves around.  When we answer questions we usually fight for our deeper beliefs stronger than if we just try to convince ourselves of something.  For example, if we are attempting to convince ourselves that we are a great parallel parker, it’s more effective to ask who is better at parallel parking than we are and fight back saying “no one is,” than to just repeat to ourselves that we are “a great parallel parker.”  The difference is in the conviction of our self-talk.  When we fight for something we believe in, a higher level of dopamine charges through the brain to create a surge of adrenaline that causes us to act.  It is this action that helps us overcome the fear of rejection, uncertainty or self doubt that keeps us “stuck in a squat.”

I highly recommend that you ask yourself these questions as a way to challenge yourself to take action now.  The people who are meant to find you and help build your vision will come with time.  Be encouraged that every great venture started with just one person making a decision to step out of the lines of conventional thinking to create something special.  Though you feel alone, you aren’t.  You are amongst other BEARS looking to raise the bar.  We are living in an altruistic society and its time to make your mark.  The first barrier is the one you are standing in front of right now.  Get your climbing gloves on and start climbing!

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