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Motivational Monday – Start the Insanity Countdown – Day 63

In this week’s Motivational Monday, Dwight shares the difference between artificial and natural energy. After completing his natural energy experiment and completing Insanity on June 1, 2013, Dwight went on a year-long experiment with artificial energy. He drank Starbucks and energy drinks daily and ate fast food 3-5 days a week, gaining over 15 lbs. He didn’t sleep well and intentionally overwhelmed his willpower and self-control. The result was exhaustion and a lack of clear decisiveness over the past year.

Today he makes the decision to get back to natural energy by starting Insanity again. He invites you to follow him every day for the next 63 days and go on a journey of your own. Let’s all build success habits together as BEAR Nation!! Lift others up!

Leave a comment and let the community know what you are working on and how it’s going. Share videos or ongoing posts with your progress. We’re all looking forward to watching others succeed!

Here’s to your success!!!

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