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The New “F” Word

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Struggling to find consistent motivation and sustained results? Looking for a way for you or your entire team to perform at a high-level every single day without begging?  These were the exact questions I asked myself over seven years ago, when I started an in-depth study of high-performance, Millennials and motivation.
I wanted to increase my productivity, get more people around me to perform whether I was there or not, and exceed my goals by 20, 30 and even 50%. I was done begging, I wanted motivation automation.
That’s when I created the New “F” Word: The “Flexture” Methodology to get rid of emotion and build a system for acceleration.
Let me ask you a question, in order to be successful, don’t you agree we need at least a little bit of structure in the beginning?  Then we can introduce flexibility overtime, once we have the structure down.

If we have too much structure it can act as a de-motivator and stifle productivity.  And if we don’t have enough structure nothing gets done, everyone acts independently and we miss out on predictable, scalable results!

After 15 years in sales, entrepreneurship and training, and especially after the past 7 years of research, it’s clear that when people learn something new they need structure at the beginning and then flexibility to make it their own overtime.
It’s also become clear, in sales specifically, if we don’t build a strong internal structure within our new hires they fail.  In our current model, we push motivation, scripts, products, systems and processes on them and we’re surprised when they fail.  This has to stop or our attrition numbers will continue to be in the red.

Flexture was born from a research project I conducted 5 years ago on the Millennials’ preparedness for management and leadership roles in today’s marketplace.  It was the answer to harnessing the energy of an eager, up and coming generation to affect major change and it works!
Flexture has two main components and can be applied to almost every area of our life and business.
1) Start with a Structure: We must introduce a structure at the beginning of learning something new and focus solely on perfecting that structure before allowing flexibility – much like a personal trainer works on the form of a new exercise before he lets you loose to run it on your own.  Form followed by reps.  Structure followed by flexibility.

2) Build an Internal Structure first: We must build up the internal structure inside ourselves, our new hires and others, so we can have external flexibility to perform at a high level no matter what initiative we’re part of.  We can produce sustained, consistent results, but we must first spend time building up self-confidence, self-worth, self-motivation, self-belief, self-discipline, self-awareness and self-management, which gives a solid internal structure of character, knowledge and motivation.  Then we can introduce the tools necessary to succeed.  For example, I like to introduce the 6 C’s of Success (Clarity, Certainty, Consistency, Courage, Confidence and Conviction) early on in a new hire process so they have a foundation of self-management before I teach them to be experts in the other fundamentals.   This way when they move into their actual position they’re better prepared to succeed even when I or their manager is not around.
Without Flexture, we are like the first 2 little pigs building homes of straw and sticks.  When someone attempts to knocks us or our new hires down, we fall at the first gust!
How will you use the Flexture Method to evaluate your approach to training and motivation, so you and your team can achieve more consistent and accelerated results?

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