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You Know What To Do. Start Now! Motivational Monday

BEAR Nation,

My goal with Motivational Monday is to help you go from a place of fear, doubt and uncertainty, to a place of Courage, Confidence and Conviction.  Let me know how you’re enjoying these posts and I’ll keep them coming.  I look forward to your comments!

Before we look forward, let’s look back to last week.  How are you doing with your Ripple Effect habit?  Go back and review the article and video to ensure you implement this simple principle in your life.  I’m still running every morning at 5:30am and I’m loving the ripples!!

That leads me into today’s topic, “You know what to do. Start now!”  3173

My dad, a retired Air Force Colonel, always said D.I.N.  Do It Now!  Whether I felt like doing it or not, I just thought D.I.N. and got to work.

According to Joseph Ferrari, Association of Psychological Science (APS) Fellow and Psychology Professor at DePaul University, nearly 20% of people around the world may be “chronic procrastinators.”  No matter how many times we ask them to “start now,” it won’t work.  It’s like telling someone who is clinically depressed to just “cheer up!”

For the rest of us, it’s simply a choice.  A choice that has many scientists and psychologists asking “why do people procrastinate?”

  • While we think putting off important tasks allow us time to relax and enjoy other aspects of life, in the end researchers have found it causes us more stress, lower quality results and even heightened health issues.
  • Timothy Pychyl of Carleton University, in Canada, talks about the breakdown in self-regulations saying “you know what you ought to do and you’re not able to bring yourself to do it. It’s that gap between intention and action.”
  • Other scientists question whether it’s an inability to manage time or the inability to regulate moods and emotions.
  • According to several studies since 1997, researchers found that procrastinators purposefully put off tasks they are most afraid of because they’d rather say “I didn’t put in the effort” instead of “I tried really hard and failed.”  The pain of failure is greater than the reward of success, so in a deep psychological sense, it could be excused as self-preservation.

Bottom line is…it’s a mystery!


Here are 5 simple ways to find the motivation to get started NOW!

1. Define the consequences: aka Define your BECAUSE:

Without clearly defined consequences or “stakes,” both positive and negative, we find “wiggle room” and end up making excuses for inaction.  We always hear people say “start with WHY.”  To make it even easier, simply complete these sentences for something you’ve been putting off:

Positive Consequences (paint your ideal life):

  • I MUST do this BECAUSE I want _____________________________.
  • I MUST do this BECAUSE I need _____________________________.
  • I MUST do this BECAUSE I have to ___________________________.

Negative Consequences (paint your painful life):

  • I MUST do this BECAUSE I am sick & tired of ____________________.
  • I MUST do this BECAUSE if I don’t __________________ (will happen).

Example: I MUST fight more objections on every call BECAUSE I have to buy my daughter the ATV that costs $754.00 for her birthday on March 15th.  I MUST do this BECAUSE if I don’t the look of disappointment on her face again will be devastating or the fact that I have to borrow money to buy the ATV will make me feel like a failure.  I MUST start NOW!

2. Break it down

By the mile it’s a trial, by the inch it’s a cinch.  Don’t think of the massive mountain ahead of you – you have just enough light for the step you’re on.  Build mile markers to easily check off simple victories to create the momentum to finish the greater goal.

Example: Want to hit your monthly sales numbers?  Break down the weekly & daily goal, number of conversations, number of objections you must overcome, number of hellos you must say to get there. Work backwards and focus on one simple step at a time.

  • Other examples – writing a book; create the Chapter 1 outline.  Losing weight; look up a gym on Google within 10 miles, call the first one and schedule an appt to go for a visit.

3. Set a Deadline

Darren Halpern of Social Triggers shared this in a video and it changed my life.  I immediately put a deadline on launching bunny2BEAR and within a few weeks it was up and running.  SMART goals have stood the test of time because of the time-bound aspect.  Put a realistic deadline on your goals with clearly define consequences and you’ll find a way to get it done.

Example: I will launch my new business online by March 1st.  I will post the “GRAND OPENING” messages and let everyone know that the launch is happening.  (Make it a big event!)

I will lose 7 lbs in 2 weeks.  Place a bet with someone you respect and admire for $1000.  If I have NOT lost the weight by the end of the 14th day, I will pay you $1000 cash.  (Start today – you do that I guarantee you’ll find a way to lose 7 lbs!!)

4. Tell others

Social pressure is a powerful tool to get hyper productive.  Broadcast your specific, time-bound goals, intentions and actions on social media and to friends, family and colleagues in person.  Enlist an accountability partner and when you don’t feel like getting it done, you’ll rethink the consequences of others looking down on you and get to work.

Example: Broadcast the party you are holding for your big accomplishment.  I invite everyone to my Grand Opening (start the business) or House Warming (buy the new house) or Wedding (set the date) or (lost 20lbs party).  Get creative and get out there!


5. Start RIGHT Now!

Take 30 minutes to an hour RIGHT NOW to implement items 1-4.  Top performers batch out 30-60 minutes after videos, webinars, even articles for implementation.

  • Get out a piece of paper and finish the sentences in #1
  • Break it down into small manageable tasks you can do today.
  • Put a solid deadline on your goal
  • Broadcast it on social media NOW as well as with the next 10 people you see.
This will feel weird at first, but so did learning to drive a stick shift.  The reason why most people don’t change their behavior to get what they REALLY want, is because they only do what they feel like doing, instead of what they know they should be doing.  Do what others don’t and have what others won’t.

My favorite quote on this topic is…”Do something now that your future self will thank you for.”

Follow these 5 steps and you’ll be more productive, more energized and on your way to a happier healthier life!

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What have you been putting off, that you are motivated to start NOW?

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