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How the most successful people succee...

Welcome to the new series: The 12 BEAR Traits – How the Most Successful People Succeed.  Our purpose of this series over the next 12 weeks is to help you tap into and unleash the BEAR inside you.  It’s not about becoming someone else.  It’s about you becoming your BEST self so you can live […]

Straight to the gut coaching session ...

Let’s just dive right in!  Watch the video now… Like this video?  Tell us why –> Click here to join BEAR Nation for more STRAIGHT TO THE GUT content!

4 Ways to Increase Your Positive Self...

When you wake up what do you say to yourself?  “I’m not a salesperson?”  “I can’t read fast?”  “I’m too fat to exercise?” I think you get it… If your morning self-talk sounds like this, you are suffering from a case of “Broken Records.”  These are negative whispers you say to yourself repeatedly that prevent […]

4 Ways to Kick the Blame Game

Have you ever heard yourself say: “It’s not my fault!” or “If I had more time, then I’d exercise” or “She did X so I couldn’t help but do Y!”  Sounds like you’re caught up in the Blame Game.  Strength #3 of our 5 Strengths of a BEAR is the ability to Take Ownership and […]

You Can and Will Succeed – 98 a...

When you wake up every morning thinking “I Can and Will Succeed” you are more likely to perform at a higher level throughout the day.  Research shows that your thoughts create behaviors and your behaviors determine the outcomes you achieve.  So, you can either wake up and say “I Can, but Won’t Succeed” and then […]

Ditch that poor habit for good!!

I love eating sweets, but I hate the extra “skin” I gain when I eat too much. I love taking my time, but I hate losing a promotion because I’m “the late guy.” I love procrastinating, but I hate getting rejected after a job interview because I didn’t prepare. I love having the top team, […]

Burned Out? Try this…

We all get burned out, but what if we didn’t?  Would we be more productive, achieve more goals, make more money, have the #1 team, be a top performer, be the best parent…Today I’ll show you a tool to prevent burnout. Last week I introduced Flexture, which means creating a structure at the beginning, then introducing […]

The New “F” Word

Not part of BEAR Nation yet?  Join here!  Struggling to find consistent motivation and sustained results? Looking for a way for you or your entire team to perform at a high-level every single day without begging?  These were the exact questions I asked myself over seven years ago, when I started an in-depth study of high-performance, […]

How to Handle Frustration Like a BEAR

Frustration in sales and life can be crippling. It can lead to anger, self-doubt, missed opportunities, quitting, wrecked relationships, a bad reputation, loss of sales and overall destructive behavior. The cause of frustration comes down to our perception of reality. What am I capable of, what are my goals and what happens if I get […]

Redefine What’s Possible

It’s your time!  Step out of your comfort zone and redefine what’s possible!   For so long many of us have put up “parameters of capability.”  This is what I can do, and this is what I can’t do.  Anything outside of that becomes off limits.  Over time we start tightening those parameters and close […]